As one’s mind is almost opened to everything and not fully tied up by anything, his/her vision is also widely opened and it makes more messages recognizable and readable . One will study more and more knowledge and learn to analyze these critical messages in diverse manners. More than these, feeling, provision and creativity will also accompany afterward, less and less bias will be against things and people around us. I do believe that one will be “close to the truth” after he/she is gradually on the way to be a so called “expert generalist”. In my opinion, a website reveals not just pleasant photos or words, but further gives a meaning to a massive record of consecutive “me” along the timeline. I had the chance that walking to the boundary, and soon I discovered it was just under my unconsciousness after I choose to look back inside myself. Finally, I confirm that the world, actually forms by each one’s vision, is flexible! The 「world imagery」 means each one has his/her own subjective judgement and feeling against the objective material and phenomenon by interpreting under their own viewpoints. I always keep my own opinion , but it’s still key for me to keep my pace toward completeness. Website is a presentation of the imagery to my world.

I am Howard from Taiwan. Please enjoy yourself along your visit !Please contact me by howard71712@gmail.com if you need ! Thank you !



我是Howard來自台灣。請盡情參訪我的網站!若有需要的話,請透過howard71712@gmail.com 與我聯繫!感謝!